September 13, 2018

Episode 025 | “It’s Complicated”

Si & Veronica def partied hard this past weekend (Vee was a VIP at a club and Si was celebrating love) but still had energy for a heated discussion. The news of Mac Miller’s death had us question the weight of fame, the stigma of addiction, and where ex significant others stand in a loss this heavy. We had a hard choice with slappers with Kanye and Lil Pump’s hilarious new bop dropping, but we went with something groovier… Our prediction of true Nicki vs. Cardi beef came true at the Harper’s Bazaar after party and with flying shoes. We also discussed the controversy of the sports world (Si actually knew about it too!) with Serena’s fines and loss in the US Open. We teased some of our thoughts for the end of BIP but make sure to stay tuned for even more of our thoughts on the season. Leave us a rating and review for a shoutout! Thanks to you all who have subscribed!


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