January 24, 2019

Episode 044 | “The Biggest Comeback”

Si & Veronica survived Vee’s bday and the copious amounts of leftover cake and alcohol to make it to today’s episode. With both of us being media nerds, we were excited to talk more about the battle of Fyre Festival documentaries, IG stepping out on Twitter to reaffirm how their algorithm works, and a new frontier for shows and interactivity. Cardi B continues to be the queen of clapbacks with her political commentary and taking on the internet’s conservative princess, Tomi Lahren. We debate the allegations against Chris Brown in Paris and the impact of media on how he is framed. Soulja Boy is making a comeback and dragging Drake while he is at it! Is this the slow spiral of Wheelchair Jimmy? Is Soulja Boy back to run the rap game? Only time will tell. Week 3 of The Bachelor brought more of the Beauty Pageant Beef to the surface, and Demi is making herself out to be the new Krystal/Corinne hybrid villain. Make sure you watch our #TipsyTalks every Monday on our IG stories for our live commentary on the show! Join us for what is always a good time and leave us a rating and review for a shoutout! Thanks to you all who have subscribed!


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