January 9, 2020

Episode 094 | “iThrone”

Si & Veronica (She’s back! You know you missed her!) are fully rocking into 2020 with Veronica’s “golden” episode 94! The pod duo had to catch each other up on a lot from the holidays and ringing in the new year. We got back to business with some quick hits on the Golden Globes. Raise your hand if you thought Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress looked either like the poop emoji or a dead pine tree! We collectively cringed over Justin Bieber’s new earworm, “Yummy.” Catch us crying on January 17th because Jon Brion, Mac Miller’s recording partner, will release Mac’s album “Circles” that he was working on at the time of his death. Vee went “Yikes!” to Bachelor contestant Victoria F. modeling for a “white lives matter” clothing brand. Ever gotten all dolled up for a date or a night out just to have plans fall through? Si and Vee talk about their experiences. Bachelor is back with Pilot Pete and a bunch of girls that even make Veronica feel old! Peter is leaning into the “being a pilot is my personality” card (Arie knows this card well) and the girls are already crying way too hard over a dude they just met. Catch our FB Live watch of the episode on our Facebook page! Join us for what is always a good time and leave us a rating and review for a shoutout! Follow us @thefuturebachelor on Instagram! Thanks to you all who have subscribed!


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