July 2, 2020

Episode 119 | “Chicks & Hunks”

Si & Veronica are saying “Alexa, play Episode 119”! Name changes and rebranding are still happening for the band formerly known as The Dixie Chicks and the Disney ride formerly known as Splash Mountain. We popped, locked, and dropped it to pay respects to Huey who passed away this past week. One of the fathers of comedy, Carl Reiner, also passed away. Does Si know how people pee with a pad? Listen to find out! BET celebrated their 20th anniversary in true quarantine fashion over video calls and themes relevant to the current culture. Major YouTubers are getting looped into the cancel campaign. Shane Dawson’s videos have been demonetized, and Jenna Marbles announced she was going to leave the platform completely. Vee went “Yikes” to the whole incident and memes surrounding the McCloskey couple in St. Louis. For our Mini Main Topic, we discussed LDFs aka long distance flings. Can you have hoes (which is gender neutral in this sense) in different area codes? In Bachelor Nation news, Chad Johnson is using Bachelor GOAT to help promote his OnlyFans porn career. Join us for what is always a good time and leave us a rating and review for a shoutout! Follow us @thefuturebachelor on Instagram! Thanks to you all who have subscribed!


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