November 22, 2022

Episode 241 | “Social Media Freak”

Episode 241 | “Social Media Freak” 

Si & Veronica are feeling thankful for episode 241! We only cover the first night of the BIP Finale due to scheduling conflicts, so make sure you come back next week for the second night and After the Final Rose. The final rose ceremony had the roses in the dudes’ hands and all the girls except one accepted… Kate turned down Logan and claimed he was projecting his insecurities on her and just looked very shallow until the bitter end. Jesse lets the couples know that they need to decide if they are ready for engagement, to leave the beach together to try to date, or to break up. The twins have an amicable and a weird breakup, respectively. Brittany, Tyler, Danielle, and Michael all decide to leave the beach to try their relationships in the real world. Genevieve and Aaron have another toxic, insecure fight and break up. Serene/Brandon and Victoria/Johnny are the final two couples heading into Fantasy Suites but will they both end up with their true fantasy? Rumors are swirling that Gabby might have the hots for Jersey Shore’s finest, Vinny, but it seems to be just rumors. 

(Bachelor talk ends at time marker 31m:58s)

Dolly Parton will be joining her goddaughter Miley for Miley’s New Years Eve Party this year. Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker may have conveniently broken up at the same time as Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde… Will Harry and Kendall give it another go? Ellen Pompeo is leaving Grey’s after 19 seasons. Vee went “Yikes!” to Elon Musk’s continual implosion of Twitter and to the prison sentences for the Chrisleys. Join us for what is always a good time and leave us a rating and review for a shoutout! Follow us @thefuturebachelor on Instagram! Thanks to you all who have subscribed!


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